“DFES was looking for a comprehensive, yet easy to use IFRS 16 lease accounting software. Accurait transformed our lease accounting into a streamlined process with flexible reports that allow us to easily reconcile our accounts and plan for our future lease commitments. The best part is Accurait’s exceptional customer service, promptly responding to queries and ensuring we can use their products to its full potential.”

LEE BAPTIE, Senior Financial Accountant, Department of Fire & Emergency Services WA

Effortless Lease Abstraction

Streamline lease management with AI-powered scanning (NSW/VIC compliant) for effortless data capture (rents, escalations, guarantees) and manage leases with confidence (accuracy & efficiency).

IFRS 16 compliance made easy

Automate lease payment and lease accounting calculations with Accurait. Effortlessly generate compliant IFRS 16 financial disclosures, saving you time and ensuring accuracy. With Accurait handling the complexities, you can focus on what matters most – your business.

Guaranteed Rent Accuracy

Automate lease scanning and extract key details, ensuring compliance with NSW and VIC retail regulations. Simplify IFRS 16 with accurate calculations and disclosures for both future payments and operating leases.

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