How AI can Produce Quicker & More Accurate Lease Abstraction

Accurait    |    February 28, 2022

Accurate and timely lease abstraction is critical for many types of organisations; from retailers and occupiers wanting to manage their

What is AASB 1060 and What Does it Mean for your Business?

Uncategorized    |    January 28, 2022

New AASB 1060 standards were issued in March 2020 by the Australian Accounting Standards Board (AASB) to come into effect

Lease Audits – A Key Risk Management Tool

Accurait    |    July 26, 2021

In this blog post we will explore lease audits and how they are a key risk management tool for any

How to Review your Lease in Less Time

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Commercial leases can be extremely complex and difficult to comprehend, with hours of manual review often required to accurately understand

Key Features of an Effective Lease Management System

My Portfolio    |    April 12, 2021

Property Lease Management Systems are sophisticated and powerful tools which assist lessees across the country (and around the world) in

Managing Data Sequencing in Lease Portfolio Management

IFRS/AASB16    |    March 16, 2021

Accurate data sequencing and entry is integral to effective lease portfolio management and when not done correctly can severely impact

How Lease Management Systems Solve Key Industry Challenges

IFRS/AASB16    |    March 8, 2021

Portfolio managers know that data integrity and quality are paramount when managing leased portfolios. Without reliable information, it is impossible

Quantifying the ROI on AI in Lease Management and AASB 16 Compliance

Accurait IFRS/AASB16    |    March 1, 2021

This is an in-depth look into how data extraction software is changing the way lease portfolio managers operate and comply