Recover excess rent charges through AI-enabled, risk-free audit review

The problem

It is estimated that 1.3% of commercial leases are overcharged. A rent roll of $25 million translates to approximately $325,000 in lost income annually. The absence of a standard Australian commercial lease format makes quality assurance and cross-referencing during audits time-consuming and costly. Compliance and litigation risks are significant sleeper issues arising from these inaccuracies.

The solution: AI-enabled lease audits

An AI-powered lease audit service offers a risk-free solution to identify and correct these issues. Here’s why lessees should consider authorising an AI review of their rent roll:

  • No irregularities, no charge: There is no cost to you if no irregularities are found.
  • Revenue recovery: A fee for the additional income identified over the lease term is charged if discrepancies are found.

Similarly, tenants should audit their rent rolls using this AI service for the following reasons:

  • Cost savings: There is no charge if no irregularities are found.
  • Undercharged rent recovery: If undercharged rental costs are identified, a fee of the savings over the lease term is charged.

What is AI lease auditing?

AI lease auditing uses advanced technology to automate lease data abstraction, creating a searchable database of key fields. This ensures accurate, efficient, comprehensive lease audits tailored to commercial leases.

Worked example:

  • Rent Costs: $25 million
  • Percentage of Leases Overcharged: 1.3%
  • Annual Savings: $325,000
  • Savings Over a 3-Year Term: $975,000
  • One-Off Fee: $195,000

Professional audit service

An AI-enabled professional audit service delivers several benefits:

  • Inaccuracy identification: Ensures accurate lease data.
  • Fee-free overcharging audits: No cost if no overcharging is found.
  • Compliance: Reduces risks and liabilities by identifying undercharging and capturing lost revenue.

Benefits of the review

Even if rents are not undercharged, an AI review corrects any errors in abstracted lease terms. The review covers:

  • Critical Dates
  • Outgoings
  • Areas
  • Compliance
  • Security Deposits
  • Insurances
  • Options
  • Incentives

A customisable report writer provides detailed insights, addressing all potential issues.

By leveraging Accurait’s AI-enabled lease audit, commercial tenants and landlords can recover lost income, ensure compliance, and reduce risks—all risk-free.